Download Haam Main Baghi Hoon By Javed Hashmi

Author: Javed Hashmi

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 413
Weight: 1.97 lbs
Pub. Date: 2005
Publisher: Sagar Publications

ARD's jailed president, Javed Hashmi, has written this book, "Haan Main Baghi Hoon", (Yes I am a rebel) from behind bars.

"[This] 413-page book, written by Mr Hashmi [himself], includes details of his in-camera trial within jail walls on the charges of treason.
In his book, he claims that his conviction was unique as he was sentenced to 23 years imprisonment under laws enacted by the British 150 years ago to silence the voice of the freedom fighters.
He recalls that although cases were registered against the Ali brothers in 1921 under this law, but they were not convicted, thus, leaving room for Mr Hashmi to become the first officially- titled rebel in the history of the sub-continent.
Mr Hashmi shows no remorse for "the crime of raising voice against dictatorship" and has reproduced in his book the same letter for which he was convicted.
The acting PML-N president was convicted for reading a so- called letter, written by anonymous person claiming to represent a section of the Pakistan army, at a news conference on October 20, 2003 at the cafeteria of the Parliament House. The letter was addressed to the national leadership.
Mr Hashmi has claimed that during his 40-year-long political career, some 700 cases were registered against him. He says his name could be included in the Guinness Book of World Records.
The book also includes the final statement made by Mr Hashmi before the trial court in which he stated that he felt proud for being labelled as a "rebel".
"If loyalty to Pakistan's land is mutiny, then I accept that I am a rebel since birth," he had told the court. "Though the charges of mutiny have been levelled against me for the first time, but in a land where the 1857 War of Independence was dubbed mutiny and where the freedom fighters had been termed traitors, I am proud to be in the same league of rebels," Mr Hashmi said in the final statement which has been re-produced in the book.
Mr Hashmi has divided the book into five parts. In the first part, he has narrated his political career in the form of a short autobiography. The second part contains events between October 12, 1999 - the military take-over by Gen Pervez Musharraf - and November 2004. The third part deals with the trial, while the fourth part includes extracts from his speeches delivered in the National Assembly during the past 20 years. The last part includes images of all the documents produced before the court by Mr Hashmi.
The book also includes a historic quote of Mr Hashmi from his speech in the National Assembly delivered on June 6, 1985. "The time has come, Mr Speaker, that we should say, Mr Martial Law, attention, about-turn, quick march, go back to your barracks and never come again." - Amir Wasim for Dawn, 8th February, 2005